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Linda Binns review on Home Page Video

During our video recording session, Linda Binns made the following comment.  She gave me her permission to use what she told me during our conversation as her review of working with me to produce her home page video.


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I have always admired professional photos that truly captured the personality and the unique shine in each individual. But with my professional photos, I often got discouraged by the outcomes. The “fast food” approach of  some photo studios made me feel I was on a photo farm and I was the next one in line for the rushed event. I did leave with gratitude for the photographers efforts given their time constraints. However given time to reflect on that photo, there was a posture I didn’t use, or a natural smile I didn’t give. Then one day, I reached this pivotal point in my career where I started receiving recognition and press releases for my work in holistic health. It was time to invest in a photo experience that would allow the real me to show through in my business image. That was the easy decision. The harder decision was the “who”. Fortunately, it didn’t take me to long to discover the perfect choice- Joni Photo! I had the privilege of meeting Joni during multiple networking events and each and every time I was in her presence, she displayed this kind, compassionate nature. She was always the one carefully listening to each person with an open heart. She would be so attentive and offer so much insight in our group networking events. I was always drawn into her conversations and of course her witty side always brought more smiles. She had this amazing ability to connect with everyone. I couldn’t have been more excited to choose Joni. The experience of having her in my home, setting up all the equipment and lighting was like a warm gathering of family and friends. I remember the time going by so fast and was sad when it was time to clean up. During the photo shoot, she had a way of working with me without me realizing I was having my picture taken. She even knew which final selections I would most likely prefer. I was very pleased with the outcome of combining her talent of photo art and science to produce the final photo. I received lots of feedback that the picture was “me,” and that was the big win for me. I highly recommend Joni Photo and you will be very pleased with the outcome. She wouldn’t take on a project where her heart, mind, and soul isn’t in it. You can be assured that if you’re a good fit, your experience will be highly rewarding.
– Lisa Powell, M.S. CAM

Victoria Hexter review on Business Portrait

JoniPhotoBusinessPortrait-VictoriaHexterDeciding to change careers at mid-life was not easy, but I received a lot of helpful advice from my friends. One friend insisted that I call Joni to have a new photo taken.  After seeing the
headshot she did for him, I contacted her the next day. Her manner was both professional and approachable.  We discussed the type of image and what it would be used for.  She brought all her equipment to my home so there was nothing for me to do but choose the right clothes (with her assistance) and make myself comfortable.  I am quite certain that I’m a difficult subject to photograph because not only do I dislike sitting for pictures, I also freeze up in front of a camera. Joni handled everything so well, simultaneously setting up for the shoot and keeping me calm.  The images are reviewed instantly and we selected the new photograph for my job search during our session.  The final image was ready within days and it looked amazing!  I was delighted with Joni’s work and absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a portrait.  She really knows her stuff!
-Victoria Hexter