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About Joni Photo

w_Shimabukuro-15You value quality work and exceptional customer service.  Joni Photo helps you visually communicate what you want your potential market to see about your business.  Working together doesn’t stop after the project is completed.  Building robust collaborative relationships and helping people to thrive is the heart of my work.


Joni Photo was started in 1999 and became my full time job in 2000.  Learning to reinvent and modify my business through major shifts in the professional photography industry provided me the experience to quickly recognize and adjust my business strategies to changing markets. This experience is common for most businesses.  This shared insight is pivotal in refining my work with clients.


About Joni Shimabukuro, owner of Joni Photo:

I often hear “She – Ma – WHAT?!” or “How do you spell that?”  This is why my business is called Joni Photo.  I think it’s easier to remember. 😉


  • respect and equality for all
  • kindness, loyalty and integrity

Pet Peeves:

  • car drivers that aren’t paying attention to pedestrians or bikers
  • pedestrians or bikers that aren’t paying attention


  • nice long hugs from my husband Derek
  • a good cup of hot coffee in the morning
  • laughing with friends and family over a good meal
  • my dog Riley smiling up at me when we walk and me thinking he’s happy to be with me (though he’s probably thinking “where’s my ball, Dummy!”)


PrintThe Flower Logo:

The flower symbolizes the influence of my family’s Hawaiian culture, where my parents were born and raised.   This culture is rich in respecting the spirits of Earth and nature, having strong ties to family and community and sharing warm aloha to strangers to make them feel welcomed.

I still have lots of Ohana [family] there and try to visit them once a year.  Cuzzins, aunties and uncles all get together, eat, drink, speak pidgin and talk story.   I loved listening to my parents and their friends talk story when I was growing up and to this day, I still enjoy hearing people tell me their stories.



What’s This LogoAbout?:  

CPP_logoGreat question!  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).  This PPA certification requires one to pass both a written exam and an image submission, which demonstrates their knowledge and expertise of specific technical skills.   I’m proud to say that I am a CPP and must re-certify every 3 years.  To maintain my certification, I am required to continue my education and training and be current on the latest industry trends, skills and techniques. The benefit for my clients is providing them with high quality photography and distinctive unique products.  Here’s my post about achieving this professional milestone:  CPP – What Does That Mean?

Thank you for your interest and I hope we get a chance to talk story! 🙂

– Joni Shimabukuro, CPP